Medical Practice Partnerships

Are you interested in expanding your medical practice by forming a partnership? By evaluating the growth rate of your practice and by assessing your facilities, we can assist you by determining whether taking on a partner makes sense for. We also analyze your specific management and business philosophy to aid you in predicting potential conflicts between you and a future partner.

If a medical partnership presents a viable business opportunity for your practice, we will facilitate the search and identify qualified candidates who meet your professional standards.

By drawing on our vast network of practitioners, we can develop prospective partnerships through mergers, fractional and delayed sales, or office sharing arrangements. We take the guesswork out of your merger or partnership by coordinating every phase of the transition process.

Our medical practice partnership services include:

  • Managing your expectations
  • Analyzing the suitability of your practice facilities
  • Forecasting your earning potential
  • Locating an excellent candidate
  • Drafting the legal parameters of the partnership
  • Arranging for an equity ownership plan

Contact us to learn how we can facilitate your partnership.