Medical Practice Appraisal

Practice appraisals are a crucial first step when planning a practice transition. Before you can confidently place your medical practice on the market, you should acquire an accurate valuation of its worth. At Texas Practice Sales, we understand that many factors contribute to the overall value of your practice. Our comprehensive medical practice appraisal and prospectus provides an analysis of your practice’s total worth by analyzing your staff resources, location, equipment, fee structure, and patient base as well as many other factors. In addition, we run sophisticated income and cash flow analysis of each practice appraised. Using the sales information on previous transitions helps us accurately gauge the market value of your practice. In some cases, we may identify ways to improve your practice value during the appraisal process. Even if you are not yet ready to sell your practice, we also provide a limited valuation that is helpful in planning for a future medical practice transition.

A thorough and accurate practice appraisal requires meticulous data collection, market research and analysis. We caution you against receiving a complimentary appraisal from brokers that require you to sign a listing agreement in return. These complimentary appraisals are often incomplete or inaccurate and could adversely affect your transition objectives. It is important that you know the value of your practice before you sign a listing agreement and before you have a broker market your practice for sale.

Your medical practice transition begins with a trustworthy appraisal of your most valuable professional asset. Contact us today to discuss the valuation of your practice.

Here are a few questions to consider about Medical Practice Appraisals: