Associateship Assessment

Let us facilitate the placement of an associate physician within your existing practice. If you are considering hiring an associate, we can perform an assessment of your practice to determine what additional expenses you might incur by hiring an associate, and calculate how long it might take to recuperate the initial costs. Our consultants will guide you in deciding the type of business relationship you and your associate will share, what benefits the associate will enjoy, as well as assist you in projecting how hiring an associate will affect the future earnings of your practice. We will then conduct the search for your ideal associate, interview the candidates and help draft an association agreement.

If you are considering joining a practice as a new associate, we can evaluate the work environment and review the suitability of the legal arrangement.

An associateship can be a fruitful professional relationship, or a disastrous professional misstep. Our expert guidance will minimize the chance of a mismatch by:

  • Assessing current office suitability
  • Devising a compensation model
  • Drawing up an association contract
  • Reviewing associate contracts

Let us review your associateship opportunity today.