To receive information about current practice listings and to be notified about future opportunities, please click here to complete the Confidentiality Agreement. Thank you.

Why does your firm require buyers to sign a confidentiality agreement?

Practice transitions are very confidential transactions. Typically, selling doctors do not want their patients, staff, and competitors to find out about their transition plans until closing. By signing this agreement, prospective buyers commit not to divulge information shared with them about the seller or the practice with anyone except their spouse, attorney, or accountant.

If I sign the confidentiality agreement, will I owe money to your firm?
No, our firm does not charge a fee to prospective buyers. A broker-client relationship is not formed by signing this agreement.

Do you represent both the buyer and seller?
No, we do not provide dual-representation and only represent one party in a transition. Prospective buyers can hire their own attorney or accountant and can continue to look for practice opportunities elsewhere.