A full service transition firm staffed by industry experts.

Watson Brown is a full-service transition firm offering expertise in medical practice transitions, including practice appraisals, pre-sale consultations, financial advisement, and complete brokerage services. Our expert accountant, attorney, and tax specialist will ensure a smooth transition while also minimizing common pitfalls that could jeopardize your success. We also have experience with startups, partnerships, medical practice associateships, medical practice appraisals, and refinances and consolidations.


Medical practice transitions require a multitude of complex legal, financial, and professional considerations. Using our expert services will ensure a professional approach to all aspects of your transition that will minimize the pitfalls that could jeopardize your success. If you are considering a medical practice transition, we encourage you to review our site and contact us for personal consultation, or a free practice valuation.

Frank J. Brown J.D., LL.M. founded the firm to provide Texas Physicians and their families professional guidance when selling or buying their medical office in Texas. In addition to his expertize as a tax attorney, Brown possesses experience as an accountant with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., an international accounting firm. Having conducted his first medical practice transition in 1990, Brown has since developed a broad business background, performing multiple duties as an attorney, accountant, and medical practice broker. Read More

Jeremy Brown’s
 experience with web-based technologies, banking and communications has streamlined the firm’s data management capabilities and increased overall office productivity, resulting in faster, more efficient medical practice transitions. Read More